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Healthcare Technology. 28 de junio de 2017

Devicare introduces Lit-Control® in Colombia

Devicare will introduce, with the support of Inmave Colombia and ACCIÓ Bogotá, the first medical device for domiciliary selfcontrol of diseases such as urinary infection or lithiasis

More than 4.5 million Colombians are in chronic patient programmes and need continuous controls

The aim of Devicare and Inmave Colombia is for 3,000 patients to benefit from this innovative method, which is already used in Spain, during 2018
Barcelona, 26 June 2017 - Devicare has signed an agreement with the company Inmave to market the family of Lit-Control® products in Colombia for the domiciliary control of frequent urological pathologies. Colombia is the second American country and the fourth globally, after Spain, Mexico and France, to distribute this first-in-class method.

It is a technology designed and manufactured by Devicare that measures urinary pH in real time (the level of acidity in the urine) by depositing a sample of this liquid on the surface of the Lit-Control® pH Meter medical device. Once the level of acidity has ben determined, the device tells the patient whether they must take a specific type of food supplement (Lit-Control® pH Up and Lit-Control® pH Down) to correctly regulate the pH. All the data is monitored for subsequent medical follow-up.

The two companies have begun the regulation process with the Colombian National Institute for Medicine and Food Surveillance (INVIMA) with the support of ACCIÓ de Bogotá's office. Lit-Control® is expected to reach patients at the end of 2017.

There are almost 4.5 million people in Colombia in chronic patient programmes, according to the Colombian Association of Integral Medicine Companies (ACEMI), a number that would increase since the Colombian Urology Society states that many pathologies are under-diagnosed. For example, out of every 10 patients with an overactive bladder, only 28% are diagnosed, and 16% of these receive treatment.

"Colombia has renowned professionals, but lacks innovative medical technology,” explains Miquel González-Mut, International Business Development Manager at Devicare. The country's government is aware of the problem and has promoted a renewal process of the health system aimed at relieving pressure and personalising treatment with actions such as opening 40 Primary Healthcare Facilities in Bogotá. The introduction of Lit-Control® fits perfectly with the state goals.


The products of the Lit-Control® family enable urinary pH to be managed and controlled at home not only for renal and urinary lithiasis, but also other pathologies with a high rate of recurrence, such as urinary infection, overactive bladder, painful bladder syndrome, interstitial cystitis and calcification of urinary catheters. Its introduction means the same for patients of these chronic urological diseases as selfcontrol with glucometer and insulin meant for diabetics. It will also provide the medical community with better follow-up and patient control, as well as greater adherence to and effectiveness of the treatment.


About Devicare

Devicare is a company specialized in the development and remote management of innovative medical devices for the home care of chronic patients. These solutions are developed under the concept of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) in order to enable the patient to actively participate in the monitoring of their disease with the use of the devices. These products are placed on the market through agreements with pharmaceutical companies.

Devicare’s headquarters is located at the UAB Research Park, in Cerdanyola del Vallès, near Barcelona (Spain). In 2017, the company will invoice €1.1 million. It has a staff of 20 professionals. Since its foundation, Devicare has raised a total of €4.5 million in investment capital. Recently Devicare closed out a seed round of 3 million euros with different Family Offices and corporate partners as EMESA Corporación Empresarial (a company of Emilio Cuatrecasas), Juan Knuth (Palex Medical), the Gaya family (Eladiet), the Xiol family (Peroxfarma), the Serra family (Boyser), among others.


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