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Ecología. 31 de mayo de 2019

EcoBaula wins the award for best start-up at the Keiretsu Forum in Barcelona

EcoBaula, a technology-based company headquarted in the Barcelona Science Park and focused on the ecological and sustainable development of innovative products for the cleaning sector, has won the award for best start-up at the last forum held at the Barcelona Stock Exchange by Keiretsu Forum, the largest private investor network in the world.

EcoBaula (Clean & Health & Eco BAULA), which focuses its activity on the development and manufacture of innovative, ecological and sustainable cleaning product solutions, has been the winning start-up from among the eight (8) selected by Keiretsu Forum (KF) to present its project in the last forum organized by this network of international investors on 6 May in Barcelona.
EcoBaula is a start-up that is committed to the environment which bases its business project on R&D&i. The company was founded in 2015 by Jordi Caparrós, an entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience in the chemical industry, with the aim of transferring the acquired scientific and technological knowledge to the market. After almost four years of experience, the result is the creation of a new generation of cleaning products, developed through a technology of highly innovative chemical and physical processes, patented worldwide, and under criteria of social, economic and environmental sustainability, which are marketed as easy-to-dissolve individual capsules and which offer superior performance and efficiency to the equivalent high-end proposals with non-organic formulation.
The founder and CEO of EcoBaula, Jordi Caparrós, is very pleased to have been the company that received the most votes from the more than 70 international investors who attended the KF forum: ‘We thank the organization for choosing us to personally present our proposal to the investing members of Keiretsu Forum. This award is an honour and recognition of the maturity of our project, after four years of continuous effort and investment in R&D&i, backed by the support of institutions such as ACCIÓ and Ship2B. The entry into force of the new Ecological Public Procurement Plan of the General Administration of the State portends favourable winds for EcoBaula, as our products align with the market's commitment to sustainable economy, the need to eliminate plastics and reduce CO2. All this represents for us the prelude to a very desired round of financing that will provide us with the 'financial muscle' necessary to continue growing,’ Caparrós explains.

The largest international network of private investors 
Keiretsu Forum, founded in San Francisco in 2000, is the largest international network of private investors in the world. With 53 locations in 27 countries on four continents, the association provides its members with a platform to interact and find investment opportunities between €100,000 and €1 million, in companies with high growth potential. Its partners regularly attend the presentation of business investment opportunities, in restricted capital forums, to finance small and medium-sized growing businesses that the professional staff of KF has previously located and selected.
Since its founding in Spain in 2008, KF has held more than 182 investment forums in a dozen cities throughout Spain, in which some 1,200 start-ups have participated, 150 of which have obtained funding.
Keiretsu Forum Spain, with representations in Barcelona and Madrid, has the support of institutions such as ‘La Caixa’, the Chambers of Commerce of Barcelona and Madrid, the law firms Roca Junyent and Garrigues, the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Community of Madrid, the Ministry of Industry, the Barcelona Stock Exchange, the Eada and Eoi business schools, business associations such as Pimec, Ceim, Madrid Network and professional associations such as engineers and doctors.


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